Antan Jude Personal Details:

Name : Antan Jude
Born in : November 28, 1960
Nationality : Sri Lankan

Antan Jude's Biography:

Anton Jude Gomes, also known as Anton Jude, was a prominent Sri Lankan actor who excelled in cinema, stage drama, and television. With a career spanning over three decades, he gained immense popularity as a skilled comedian on both the small and big screens. Some of his most memorable works include his comedic roles in acclaimed productions such as "Sabanda Pabilis," "Sikuru Hathe," and "Sakisanda Suwaris."

Born on 28 November 1960 in Rathmalana, Anton Jude was the eldest among four siblings. He inherited his singing talents from his father, Clarence Gomes. He attended St. Anthony's Roman Catholic school in Mount Lavinia.

Anton Jude made his debut on the stage in 1978 with Sashi Quintes's play "Sudu Haththak" ("White Mushroom"). He continued to display his acting prowess in numerous films like "Bahubuthayo," "Rankewita," "Numba Nadan Apata Pissu," "Sikuru Hathe," "Rosa Kele," "Ethumai Methumai," and several other popular movies.

His talent extended to television dramas as well, with notable appearances in productions like "Punchi Rala," "Sabanda Pabilis," "Sakisanda Elias," and "Isuru Yogaya." Additionally, his song "Ais Amma Gundu" (Una Puruke Balu Walige) became a hit among the masses.

Anton Jude took a step into playwriting and debuted his first stage drama, "Sakisanda Madala," which premiered at the Elphinston Theatre on 29 December 2009.

In the later years, Anton Jude battled health issues, including high blood pressure and diabetes. Despite seeking treatment at Nawaloka Hospital in February 2012, his condition worsened. On the evening of 19 March 2012, he suffered a cardiac arrest and was rushed to Colombo North Ragama Hospital, where he was pronounced dead on admission at 11:20 p.m. Tragically, he passed away while working on a new film called "Veeraya" during a shoot at director Sunil Arunasiri's location in Kelaniya.

Anton Jude was survived by his wife, Manel. He was laid to rest at the Borella Cemetery, Colombo, on 22 March 2012, leaving behind a legacy of laughter and remarkable contributions to Sri Lankan entertainment.

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Sabanda Pabilis Anton Jude

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Aish Amma Gundu | Anton Jude | ආශම ගුන්ඩු

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Sunflower Horahena

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Naran Dodam - Anton Jude & Madushani Premarathna

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Anton Jude song - Udekkiya wage

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Age : 63

November 28


Born in

Lives in Colombo, Sri Lanka.

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