Damayanthi Fonseka Personal Details:

Name : Damayanthi Fonseka
Mother : Seelwathie Fonseka
Born in : August 25, 1960
Nationality : Sri Lankan
Father : Gilbert Fonseka

Damayanthi Fonseka's Biography:

Wanniarachchige Damayanthi Priyalatha Fonseka, widely known as Damayanthi Fonseka, was born on August 25, 1960. She is a versatile figure in the Sri Lankan entertainment industry, recognized for her contributions as an actress in cinema, theater, and television. Additionally, she has embraced roles as a director and producer, showcasing her multifaceted talent.[1]

Early Life:
Born into a family of 11 siblings in Kelaniya, Damayanthi Fonseka's father, Gilbert Fonseka, was employed at a Government Press, while her mother, Seelwathie Fonseka, hailed from Peliyagoda, Kelaniya, and was a homemaker.

She was offered a government teaching position in Habarana, yet she declined in order to stay close to home. In 1987, she married acclaimed filmmaker Prasanna Vithanage. Despite this union, they faced challenges with two natural abortions, ultimately not having any children of their own.[5]

Family and Acting Legacy:
Damayanthi Fonseka hails from a family deeply rooted in the world of entertainment. Her elder sister, Malini Fonseka, is celebrated as the Queen of Sinhala cinema, having starred in numerous critically acclaimed films since 1963. Malini, a recipient of Best Actress awards across various local festivals, was married to fellow renowned actor Lucky Dias and divorced in 2011. Damayanthi is also the aunt of notable actresses Samanalee Fonseka and Senali Fonseka, as well as the sister-in-law of Karunarathna Hangawaththa. She is related to actor Ashan Fonseka, her nephew, and her granddaughter, Kushenya Sayumi, who made her cinematic debut in "Rookada Panchi."[7][8]

Damayanthi's siblings also ventured into the entertainment realm. Sister Sriyani was featured in popular films like "Lokuma Hinawa," "Hondai Narakai," and "Thilaka Saha Thilakaa," while Rasadari Fonseka appeared in films such as "Situ Kumariyo" and "Athin Athata." Ananda Fonseka, her elder brother, participated in films and directed "Umayangana," with his daughter Samanalee gaining recognition as an actress. Upali Fonseka's daughter, Senali Fonseka, also made her mark in cinema and television. Moreover, five other daughters from the family pursued careers in drama.[9]

Acting Career:
Damayanthi's acting journey commenced at the young age of 10, performing as a child artist while attending school. Her debut film appearance was in the 1972 movie "Edath Suraya Adath Suraya," and she gained recognition with her role in the 1976 film "Madol Duwa." Notably, she became renowned for portraying villainous characters on screen, with roles in commercially successful films like "Umayangana," "Dolosmahe Pahana," "Angulimala," "Shakthiya Obai Amme," and "Prathiroo."[14]

Director, Producer, and Theater Artist:
Beyond her acting career, Damayanthi Fonseka ventured into directing and producing. She directed the tele serial "Rankiri Amma," in which her sister Malini played a central role. She also helmed the teledrama "Iragala Nekatha" and produced stage plays like "Gasthuwa Keeyada" and "Parana Pinak." Her directorial endeavors extended to stage productions such as "Popiyana Uyana" and "Gasthuwa Keeyada," where she introduced her nephew, Ashan Fonseka, to the world of theater. Notably, in 2014, she directed the Sinhala adaptation of the play "Farewell" by Alexander Vampilov, titled "Gasthuwa Keeyada."[24][25]

Recognition and Honors:
Damayanthi Fonseka's contributions have earned her accolades and awards, including a Jury award for her acting in the stage play "Avi" and a Special Merit award for her role in the film "Umayangana" at the 1993 Sarasaviya Film Festival. In 2021, she received the esteemed 'Deshabhimani Keerthi Kalabushana' award, further cementing her legacy.[4]

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Age : 63

August 25


Born in

Lives in Colombo, Sri Lanka.

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