Drama name : Anantha
Year :2016


"Anantha" is a Sri Lankan teledrama that has garnered attention and appreciation from viewers across the nation. With a dedicated cast and crew, this television series has made a significant mark in the world of Sinhala television. At the helm of "Anantha" is Director Ravindra Wijerathna, who has masterfully crafted the narrative and brought it to life on the screen. His creative vision and direction have been instrumental in shaping the teledrama's success. Alongside him, the talented Tharanga Dissanayake takes on the role of producer, responsible for overseeing the production and ensuring that the show reaches its full potential. The cast of "Anantha" is an ensemble of remarkable actors, each contributing their unique talents to the series. Harsha Thennakoon, known for his versatility as an actor, delivers a compelling performance that captivates the audience. His portrayal of his character adds depth and authenticity to the storyline. Kamal Deshapriya, another prominent actor in the teledrama, brings his skill and experience to the screen. His ability to convey a range of emotions and connect with viewers has made him a standout presence in "Anantha." Hemasiri Liyanage, with his seasoned acting prowess, elevates the teledrama with his role. His dedication to his character is evident in every scene, drawing viewers deeper into the unfolding drama. Jayasekara Aponsu is another notable actor in the cast, known for his commitment to his craft. His performance in "Anantha" showcases his talent and dedication to bringing his character to life. Dhananjaya Siriwardena adds his own flair to the series, contributing to the ensemble with his skills and artistry. His presence on screen is a testament to the depth of talent in the cast. Dhanuka Dilshan rounds out the male actors in "Anantha," leaving an indelible mark with his performance. His portrayal of his character adds layers to the intricate narrative, creating a compelling viewing experience. The actresses in "Anantha" are equally exceptional, bringing their talent and charisma to the forefront. Paboda Sandeepani shines in her role, captivating audiences with her portrayal of her character. Her on-screen presence adds charm and authenticity to the series. Damitha Abeyarthna is another actress who leaves a lasting impression with her performance. Her ability to convey a range of emotions and connect with viewers has made her a standout presence in "Anantha." Grace Thennakoon adds her own unique touch to the teledrama, showcasing her acting prowess and versatility. Her contribution to the series enhances its overall appeal. Susantha Chandramali, a respected actress in the industry, delivers a memorable performance in "Anantha." Her portrayal of her character adds depth and complexity to the storyline. Sandani Pathiranage is another talented actress who leaves her mark on the series. Her on-screen presence and ability to immerse herself in her character make her a valuable addition to the cast. Thisuri Yuwanika, with her acting skills and dedication, rounds out the ensemble of actresses in "Anantha." Her performance adds layers to the storyline, creating a rich and engaging narrative. In conclusion, "Anantha" is a teledrama that has captured the hearts of viewers in Sri Lanka. With Director Ravindra Wijerathna's creative direction and Producer Tharanga Dissanayake's oversight, the series has reached new heights of success. The talented cast, including actors Harsha Thennakoon, Kamal Deshapriya, Hemasiri Liyanage, Jayasekara Aponsu, Dhananjaya Siriwardena, and Dhanuka Dilshan, along with actresses Paboda Sandeepani, Damitha Abeyarthna, Grace Thennakoon, Susantha Chandramali, Sandani Pathiranage, and Thisuri Yuwanika, has brought the teledrama to life with their outstanding performances. "Anantha" continues to be a must-watch for television enthusiasts, showcasing the best of Sinhala television.

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