Drama name : Hansi
Year :2023


Fahim Mawjood Productions, under the direction of Nimal Rathnayake, brings together a diverse and talented cast to create captivating and engaging content for viewers. The ensemble cast includes seasoned actors and actresses such as Jagath Kaluarachchi, Athula Mendis, Senevirathna Kumarasinghe, Indika Rathnayake, Lucky Athauda, Sugath Appuhamy, Nirma Suraji, Uthpala Madushani, Priyanthi Mangalika, Sajeewa Mallawarachchi, Buddhika Indurugalla, Buddhika Lokukatiya, Priyanwada Premawardhena, Prabath Weerasinghe, Chaminda Jayasuriya, Nayana Kumari, Grace Ariyawimal, Nilanthi Wijesinghe, Kapila Sigera, Janak Premalal, Chandika Nanayakkara, Tharushi Perera, Kumuduni Adikari, Roger Senevirathna, Amila Abesekara, and Shalani Tharaka. Under the skillful direction of Nimal Rathnayake, this talented cast collaborates to bring captivating stories to life. The synergy among the actors and actresses, combined with Rathnayake's vision, results in compelling narratives that resonate with viewers. Fahim Mawjood Productions doesn't just rely on the cast's talent; the dedicated crew behind the scenes plays a pivotal role in the production process. From the scriptwriters who craft engaging storylines to the cinematographers who capture visually stunning shots, every aspect of production receives meticulous attention. The teledramas produced by this team are not just entertainment but a reflection of the dedication and passion of everyone involved. In addition to its talented cast and crew, Fahim Mawjood Productions is known for its commitment to storytelling that touches the hearts of its audience. The themes explored in their teledramas often delve into the complexities of human relationships, societal issues, and personal growth. This commitment to meaningful storytelling sets Fahim Mawjood Productions apart in the world of television production. Nimal Rathnayake's direction is marked by his ability to extract nuanced and authentic performances from his cast, making the characters relatable and the stories emotionally resonant. His vision, combined with the talents of the actors and actresses, creates teledramas that leave a lasting impact on viewers. In conclusion, Fahim Mawjood Productions, led by director Nimal Rathnayake, is a creative force in the world of television drama. Their commitment to storytelling excellence, coupled with the skills and dedication of their cast and crew, ensures that their teledramas are not just entertaining but also thought-provoking. With each production, they continue to captivate audiences, leaving a lasting impression in the hearts and minds of viewers.

Hansi teledrama Playlist

Hansi | Episode 01 - (2023-05-01) preview image

Hansi | Episode 01 - (2023-05-01)

Hansi | Episode 02 - (2023-05-02) preview image

Hansi | Episode 02 - (2023-05-02)

Hansi | Episode 03 - (2023-05-03) preview image

Hansi | Episode 03 - (2023-05-03)

Hansi | Episode 04 - (2023-05-04) preview image

Hansi | Episode 04 - (2023-05-04)

Hansi | Episode 05 - (2023-05-05) preview image

Hansi | Episode 05 - (2023-05-05)

Hansi | Episode 06 - (2023-05-06) preview image

Hansi | Episode 06 - (2023-05-06)

Hansi | Episode 07 - (2023-05-07) preview image

Hansi | Episode 07 - (2023-05-07)

Hansii Teledrama Trailer preview image

Hansii Teledrama Trailer

Hansi | Episode 08 - (2023-05-08) preview image

Hansi | Episode 08 - (2023-05-08)

Hansi | Episode 09 - (2023-05-09) preview image

Hansi | Episode 09 - (2023-05-09)

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