Drama name : Koombiyo
Year :2017


"Koombiyo" is a Sinhala political thriller teledrama that achieved remarkable international ratings, marking a significant milestone for Sri Lankan television. It garnered immense affection from the Sri Lankan audience. This gripping story revolves around the cunning con-artist Jehan and his partner Priyantha, who devise ingenious schemes for their livelihood. It also unveils a strategic political maneuver executed by Jehan, with the assistance of Priyantha. The narrative is a continuously evolving and engaging plot, characterized by swift twists and turns, creating a suspenseful thriller. Action and romance are seamlessly intertwined, offering a well-rounded viewing experience. "Koombiyo" portrays the real world in a natural manner, allowing it to resonate with the audience on a deep level, resulting in a highly positive reception. It serves as a reflection of a corrupt society plagued by the belief that money is everything. This teledrama is a meticulously crafted masterpiece that provides a fresh perspective on life, featuring inspirational dialogues that encourage viewers to contemplate beyond the ordinary. Plot: Priyantha, frustrated with his hometown residents, journeys to Colombo in search of employment and encounters Jehan on the bus. Jehan promises him a job and takes Priyantha to his business building, where he resides. Priyantha secures his first job as a sales officer at Jehan's company, Purchasing Lanka International. Will Priyantha continue working with Jehan? What unfolds next? To discover the answers, watch "Koombiyo" for yourself.

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