Drama name : Outsider
Year :2023


"Outsider," a compelling Sinhala teledrama airing on ITN TV Channel, made its debut with the first episode on August 5, 2023. The series is helmed by the talented director Wishwanath Buddhika Keerthisena, who also serves as the scriptwriter, bringing his creative vision to life. "Outsider" features an exceptional ensemble cast that includes seasoned actors and actresses, making it a must-watch for television audiences. Sarath Kothalawala, a respected figure in Sri Lankan cinema and television, takes on a prominent role in "Outsider." His performance showcases his remarkable acting skills and adds depth to the character he portrays. Pradeep Ramawickrama, another seasoned actor, contributes his talents to the teledrama, infusing authenticity and charisma into his character. The chemistry between the cast members elevates the storytelling, creating an engaging viewing experience. Wasantha Wittachchi and Mahendra Perera, both esteemed actors in the industry, bring their expertise to "Outsider." Their performances enrich the narrative, making it more relatable and emotionally resonant. Shehan Jayasekara and Dasun Pathirana further enhance the series with their outstanding acting abilities, ensuring that every scene is impactful and memorable. Chameera Silva's contribution rounds out the male cast, adding depth and nuance to the character dynamics. The actresses in "Outsider" play pivotal roles in shaping the storyline. Chamathka Lakmini and Samanali Fonseka deliver compelling performances that evoke a range of emotions from the audience. Their on-screen presence adds depth to the teledrama and provides a well-rounded perspective on the narrative. Under the skillful direction and storytelling of Wishwanath Buddhika Keerthisena, "Outsider" stands out as a unique and engaging teledrama. Keerthisena's creative choices and narrative techniques ensure that the audience remains captivated and invested in the series. His ability to blend compelling storytelling with powerful character development is a testament to his talent as a director and scriptwriter. "Outsider" explores themes and narratives that resonate with a broad spectrum of viewers. Its ability to address relatable issues and emotions is a key factor in its popularity and widespread appeal. The teledrama offers not only entertainment but also a reflection of real-life experiences and challenges, making it a meaningful addition to Sri Lankan television. In summary, "Outsider" is a noteworthy Sinhala teledrama that premiered on ITN TV Channel on August 5, 2023. Its remarkable cast, including Sarath Kothalawala, Pradeep Ramawickrama, Wasantha Wittachchi, Mahendra Perera, Shehan Jayasekara, Dasun Pathirana, Chameera Silva, Chamathka Lakmini, and Samanali Fonseka, contributes to the series' success. Director and scriptwriter Wishwanath Buddhika Keerthisena's creative vision and storytelling prowess make "Outsider" a compelling and emotionally resonant television experience. This teledrama's exploration of relatable themes ensures its lasting impact and relevance in the world of Sri Lankan television.

Outsider teledrama Playlist

Outsider | Episode 01 - (2023-08-05) | ITN preview image

Outsider | Episode 01 - (2023-08-05) | ITN

Outsider | Episode 02 - (2023-08-12) | ITN preview image

Outsider | Episode 02 - (2023-08-12) | ITN

Outsider | Episode 03 - (2023-08-19) | ITN preview image

Outsider | Episode 03 - (2023-08-19) | ITN

Outsider | Episode 04 - (2023-08-26) | ITN preview image

Outsider | Episode 04 - (2023-08-26) | ITN

Outsider | Episode 05 - (2023-09-02) | ITN preview image

Outsider | Episode 05 - (2023-09-02) | ITN

Outsider | Episode 06 - (2023-09-09) | ITN preview image

Outsider | Episode 06 - (2023-09-09) | ITN

Outsider | Episode 07 - (2023-09-16) | ITN preview image

Outsider | Episode 07 - (2023-09-16) | ITN

Outsider | Episode 08 - (2023-09-23) | ITN preview image

Outsider | Episode 08 - (2023-09-23) | ITN

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