Dulani Anuradha Personal Details:

Name : Dulani Anuradha
Hometown : Colombo
Nationality : Sri Lankan

Dulani Anuradha's Biography:

Dulani Anuradha is a prominent figure in the Sri Lankan entertainment industry, renowned as both a Sinhalese film actress and a skilled dancer. She has earned her reputation through exceptional performances in notable films such as "Aba," "Vijaya Kuweni," and "Ahelepola Kumarihami."

In her cinematic career, Dulani primarily takes on historical roles, gracing both the silver screen and television dramas. However, she has also ventured into fictional movies like "Sanghili" and "Paravarthana." One of her outstanding achievements includes winning the Best Actress award for her remarkable portrayal in "Vijaya Kuweni." Dulani frequently collaborates with director Sugath Samarakoon and played a significant role in "Bahu-Barya 2," directed by Udayakantha Warnakulasooriya. Despite numerous offers, she is selective about her television appearances, having declined many soap operas. Some of her notable TV roles include "Pabalu" in the serial "Wahinna Muthu Wessak," Udathari Manamendra in Sumithra Rahubadda's "Pinibara Yamaya," and appearances in "Maha Polowa Ape Newei" and the negative role in "Oba Ayemath Avidin."

Dulani Anuradha's influence extends to reality TV as well, where she has served as a judge on various shows, including "Laugfs on Stage season I," "Derana City of Dance," and "Derana Little Star."

Her career reached a pivotal moment when she received the Best Actress award at multiple local film festivals, all thanks to her remarkable portrayal of Gumbaka Butha in Jackson Anthony's film "Aba."

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Dulani Anuradha දුලානි අනුරාධා wedding day

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DulaniAnuradha wedding

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Dulani Anuradha

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Dulani Anuradha - weddingday දුලානි අනුරාධා

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සරාගී නිළි/දුලානි අනුරාධාගේ hot වීඩියෝ එකතුව //Dulani Anuradha/Hot vdio

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Frequently asked questions from the actor Dulani Anuradha

Age :

May 20


Born in Colombo

Lives in Colombo, Sri Lanka.

Reading, Photography, Learning, Traveling, Internet surfing and more.






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