Film name : Bora Diya Pokuna
Year :2015

Bora Diya Pokuna Brief:

"Bora Diya Pokuna" (Sinhala: බොරදිය පොකුණ) stands as a compelling entry in Sri Lankan Sinhala cinema, with its release in 2015 under the direction of Sathyajith Maitipe and production by Sunil Dharmasiri. This adult drama film explores intricate themes and features a talented ensemble cast, including Kaushalya Fernando and Dilani Abeywardana in pivotal roles, alongside Priyanka Samaraweera and Duminda de Silva. Pradeep Ratnayaka's evocative music score enhances the film's narrative depth, making it the 1222nd addition to the rich tapestry of Sri Lankan cinema. The journey of "Bora Diya Pokuna" is a unique one. The film initially garnered attention when it was screened at the prestigious Smithsonian Institution in Washington on December 5, 2004. However, despite being completed in 2003, it faced a ban imposed by the Public Performance Board of Sri Lanka. The ban persisted until it was eventually lifted in 2010, finally allowing the film to see the light of day in 2015. This protracted struggle for release adds an intriguing layer to the film's history, highlighting the challenges faced by provocative and thought-provoking cinema. One of the film's notable achievements was winning a special prize for the Best Fiction Film at the Honolulu International Film Festival in 2005, held in Hawaii. This recognition underlines the film's artistic merit and its ability to captivate audiences with its storytelling. The cast delivers exceptional performances, bringing depth and authenticity to their characters: Kaushalya Fernando takes on the role of Ariyalatha/Gothami, demonstrating her acting prowess and versatility. Dilani Abeywardana portrays Mangala, adding nuance to the intricate narrative. Duminda de Silva embodies the character Vipula, contributing to the film's emotional resonance. Priyanka Samaraweera shines as Suwineetha, further enriching the ensemble cast. Dharmasiri Bandaranayake's portrayal of Desmond adds gravitas to the storyline. Veena Jayakody, Rathnawali Kekunawela, Rohitha Karunarathna, Chandani Seneviratne, Leonie Kotelawala, and Chandra Kaluarachchi, among others, deliver memorable performances that collectively enhance the film's impact. "Bora Diya Pokuna" weaves a compelling narrative, exploring complex human emotions and relationships. The film's evocative storytelling, combined with its triumphant journey to release, cements its place in Sri Lankan cinema history, offering audiences a thought-provoking and emotionally resonant cinematic experience.

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