Film name : Miyurige Kathawa
Year :1980

Miyurige Kathawa Brief:

"Mayurige Kathawa" (1980) is a cinematic gem released on December 19th, 1980, bringing its captivating story to life in timeless black and white. The film, presented in 35mm format, offers a compelling narrative that continues to resonate with audiences. The talented cast is led by the legendary Gamini Fonseka and the enchanting Veena Jayakodi. Their performances, under the skillful direction of Gamini Fonseka himself, breathe life into the characters and make this film a true cinematic treasure. The supporting cast, including Tony Ranasinghe, Somy Rathnayake, Wimal Kumara De Costa, Dharma Sri Munasinghe, Mervin Jayathunga, Senaka Perera, Damith Fonseka, Shirani Nugera, Shanthi Lekha, Iranganie Serasinghe, Soniya Disanayaka, Girley Gunawardana, Nelson Peiris, Ishara, Inakshi Alex, and Ruksala Almeda, adds depth and authenticity to the storytelling. Ariyarathna Perera's production prowess brings the film to fruition, ensuring its quality and impact. The film's recognition extends to the 9th Sarasaviya Awards in 1981, where it received the prestigious title of "Famous Film," with an impressive 19,894 votes from appreciative audiences. The talented Shanthi Lekha was honored with the "Best Supporting Actress" award at the same awards ceremony. Additionally, the film earned a "Merit Award" at the 3rd Presidential Award in 1981, acknowledging Veena Jayakodi's exceptional contribution to the film. "Mayurige Kathawa" weaves a captivating narrative, brought to life by the exceptional talents of its cast and crew. Gamini Fonseka's directorial finesse, coupled with Ariyarathna Perera's production acumen, delivers a timeless cinematic experience. The film's cast, led by Gamini Fonseka and Veena Jayakodi, delivers performances that resonate with authenticity and emotion, making this film an enduring classic. The accolades and recognition it has received, including the title of "Famous Film" and awards for its talented artists, underscore its significance in Sri Lankan cinema. "Mayurige Kathawa" remains a testament to the art of storytelling and the enduring impact of cinema.

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Actors on Miyurige Kathawa film

Shirani Nugera


Somy Ratnayake


Wimal Kumara De Costa


Dharma Sri Munasinghe