Film name : Mr Dana Rina
Year :2007

Mr Dana Rina Brief:

"Mister Dana Rina" - A Sinhala Comedy Gem In the vibrant tapestry of Sinhala cinema, "Mister Dana Rina" (Sinhala: මිස්ට ධන රින) stands as a delightful comedy film that continues to charm audiences with its humor and heart. Directed and produced by the talented Roy de Silva, this 2007 Sri Lankan cinematic creation is a testament to the industry's commitment to storytelling excellence. The film's narrative unfolds against a backdrop of humor and wit, inviting viewers into a world of laughter and entertainment. "Mister Dana Rina" boasts a talented cast that breathes life into its characters, making them endearing and relatable. Arjuna Kamalanath, in the leading role as Micheal, delivers a performance that is both charismatic and comedic. His portrayal captures the essence of his character, drawing laughter from the audience. Opposite him, the talented Sangeetha Weeraratne shines as she embodies her role, adding depth and authenticity to the narrative. Roshan Pilapitiya, in the role of Roshan, contributes to the film's humor with his comedic timing and presence. Anusha Damayanthi, as Rita, complements the ensemble with her performance, enriching the storyline. Anarkali Akarsha adds her charm to the film, making her character memorable. The supporting cast includes Sumana Amarasinghe, Priyantha Seneviratne, Ananda Wickramage, Rajitha Hiran, Sunil Hettiarachchi, Teddy Vidyalankara, and Tyrone Michael, each of whom adds their unique flavor to the narrative. Music is a vital component of any film, and "Mister Dana Rina" is no exception. The musical score, composed by Sangeeth Wickramasinghe, enhances the film's comedic moments and adds emotion to the storytelling. The cinematography captures the energy of the characters and the essence of their world, ensuring that every scene resonates with the audience. Costume design, makeup, and all the other elements of filmmaking contribute to the film's visual appeal and authenticity. The attention to detail is evident, creating a world that feels both familiar and entertaining. In the grand tradition of Sinhala cinema, "Mister Dana Rina" embraces humor and wit, delivering a narrative that leaves audiences with smiles on their faces. Roy de Silva's direction and production expertise shine through in every frame, making this film a standout in the industry. The film's release on the 28th of March 2010 at Chitra cinema in Kalutara marked a momentous occasion in Sri Lankan cinema. It was a testament to the enduring appeal of comedy and the laughter it brings to audiences. In conclusion, "Mister Dana Rina" is a Sinhala comedy gem that continues to entertain and uplift audiences with its humor and heart. Directed and produced by Roy de Silva, it is a cinematic creation that showcases the industry's commitment to storytelling excellence. With its talented cast, engaging narrative, and creative craftsmanship, the film remains a cherished addition to the world of Sinhala cinema, a reminder of the power of laughter and entertainment in the world of film.

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