Film name : None Mage Sudu None
Year :2015

None Mage Sudu None Brief:

"None Mage Sudu None" (Sinhala: නෝනේ මගේ සුදු නෝනේ) is a Sri Lankan comedy film that graced the screens in 2015. Directed by Eranga Senarathna and produced by D.D.R.D.S Samarasekara for Sri Jaya Cineroo, this cinematic offering marked a delightful addition to Sinhala cinema. The film boasts a cast featuring Wilson Gunaratne and Anusha Damayanthi in the lead roles, accompanied by the talents of Mahinda Pathirage and Mihira Sirithilaka. The musical score for this entertaining comedy was masterfully composed by Lasantha Jayasekara, adding an extra layer of charm to the production. "None Mage Sudu None" is the 1230th film to join the illustrious ranks of Sri Lankan cinema, contributing its unique flavor to the rich tapestry of Sinhala storytelling. With a vibrant ensemble cast and a talented crew, this film promised to bring humor and entertainment to audiences, a much-anticipated treat for cinema-goers. The cast of the film includes Wilson Gunaratne, who takes on the role of Hector, and Anusha Damayanthi, who portrays Pabalu, the lead characters around whom the comedic escapades of the story revolve. Mihira Sirithilaka brings Manju to life, while Mahinda Pathirage plays the character of Sando. The supporting cast includes Sanjula Diwarathne as Anju, Sanju Rodrigo as Lasanda, and Manel Chandralatha, who takes on the intriguing character of the Prophecy telling lady. Dayasiri Hettiarachchi rounds off the ensemble as Fransic, the matchmaker who adds a touch of intrigue to the storyline. The soundtrack of "None Mage Sudu None" is a musical delight, featuring memorable songs that enhance the overall viewing experience. The songs and their respective singers include: "Kadadasi Sarungal" performed by Shane Egodawatta Ft Gamini Susiriwardana. "Kauda Oba Kaurundo" sung by Uwindu Ravishan. "Sexy Roope Mage" featuring the voices of Gamini Susiriwardana and Mala Bharathi. These songs not only add to the entertainment value of the film but also provide a musical backdrop that complements the humor and emotions depicted on screen. In conclusion, "None Mage Sudu None" is a testament to the creativity and talent within the Sri Lankan film industry. Directed by Eranga Senarathna and produced by D.D.R.D.S Samarasekara, this comedy film offers a blend of humor, romance, and music to captivate audiences. With a cast of skilled actors and a soundtrack that lingers in the hearts of viewers, it adds to the ever-evolving legacy of Sinhala cinema. As the 1230th Sri Lankan film, it stands as a testament to the enduring appeal of cinema in Sri Lanka, bringing stories to life and providing entertainment for generations to come.

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