Film name : Rosa Mal Sayanaya
Year :2009

Rosa Mal Sayanaya Brief:

"Rosa Mal Sayanaya" (2009) - A Cinematic Journey Directed by Nishantha De Alwis In the realm of Sri Lankan cinema, "Rosa Mal Sayanaya," released in 2009 and helmed by the talented director Nishantha De Alwis, is a noteworthy gem. This film represents the vision and creativity of its director, who not only directed it but also played key roles in shaping its dialogue, screenplay, and story. The narrative of "Rosa Mal Sayanaya" unfolds through the dedicated contributions of its cast members. Pradeep Dharmadasa, Manjula Thilini, Amarasiri Kalansooriya, Jagath Galappaththi, W. Jayasiri, Ruwan Madanayaka, Palitha Galappaththi, Lasantha De Alwis, and Nishantha Ranasinghe bring their characters to life, each adding depth and authenticity to the storyline. Behind the scenes, Nishantha De Alwis takes on the role of producer, ensuring that the film's vision is realized on screen. Together with Jagath Galappaththi, another producer, they provide the necessary support to bring the project to fruition. The film's visual storytelling is a testament to the skilled cinematography of Nilantha Chularatne. His work captures the essence of the narrative, creating a visual tapestry that complements the storytelling. Editing plays a pivotal role in the final presentation of any film, and "Rosa Mal Sayanaya" is no exception. Ruwan Chamara and Ravindra Lal, through their editing expertise, help shape the film's pacing and emotional impact. Manoj Wickramasinghe's art direction adds depth and texture to the film's settings, creating a world that feels authentic and immersive. His work enhances the overall visual experience for the audience. The makeup department, led by Sirinatha Wickramasinghe, ensures that the cast looks the part, enhancing their characters' believability and consistency. Ananda S. Kapuge, serving as the assistant director, supports Nishantha De Alwis in realizing the director's vision, coordinating various aspects of the production to ensure a cohesive and impactful narrative. Sound is a crucial element in any film, and the sound department of "Rosa Mal Sayanaya" is in capable hands. Susantha Dharmapriya, Lionel Gunaratan, Sasika Ruwan Marasinghe, and Sumith Priyanka work together to create an immersive auditory experience for the audience. In an age where visual effects play a significant role in filmmaking, Ruwan Chamara contributes his talents to the film as the graphics artist, enhancing key scenes and adding visual elements that enhance the storytelling. The editorial team, led by Thilak Abeysinghe as the colorist, ensures that the film maintains a consistent visual tone, contributing to its overall aesthetic appeal. The music department, under the guidance of Sarath De Alwis as the musical director and featuring the melodious vocals of Pradeep Rangana as the playback singer, adds an emotional layer to the film, underscoring its themes and moments of significance. In conclusion, "Rosa Mal Sayanaya" is not merely a film; it is a collaborative work of art. Directed by Nishantha De Alwis, it weaves together the talents of numerous individuals who contribute their skills and passion to create a memorable cinematic experience. This film stands as a testament to the dedication and creativity of the Sri Lankan film industry, and it continues to be appreciated by audiences for its storytelling, visuals, and emotional depth.

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Actors on Rosa Mal Sayanaya film

Amarasiri Kalansuriya


W. Jayasiri


Ruwan Madanayake


Palitha Galappaththi