Film name : Thanapathilage Gedara
Year :2007

Thanapathilage Gedara Brief:

"Thanapathilage Gedara," also known as "Ambassador's House," is a Sinhala comedy film that graced the screens in 2007. Directed by Nalin Mapitiya and co-produced by Dr. Arosha Fernando of Universal Media and Haniff Yusoof of ExpoLanka Group, this film brought laughter and entertainment to audiences. The leading roles were brought to life by the talented Sriyantha Mendis and Buddhadasa Vithanarachchi, with exceptional support from Roshan Pilapitiya and Saranga Disasekara. The film's musical score, a crucial element in any comedy, was masterfully composed by Darshana Ruwan Dissanayake. The story unfolds under the direction of Nalin Mapitiya, whose screenplay drives the narrative forward with humor and wit. Sriyantha Mendis and Palitha Silva lead the cast, followed by Saranga Disasekara and Buddhadasa Vithanarachchi, who bring their comedic talents to the forefront. Roshan Pilapitaya, Janak Premalal, Janaka Kumbukage, Gangu Roshana, Roshan Ravindra, Himaali Siriwardana, Sachini Ayendra, Umali Thilakarathna, Sooryaloka Dayaruwan, Dilhani Ekanayake, Cleatus Mendis, Bimal Jayakodi, Giriraj Kaushalya, Chinthaka Kulathunga, Dimuthu Chinthaka, and Wasantha Wittachchi complete the ensemble, forming a formidable team of comedic actors. Behind the scenes, Nalin Mapitiya takes on the role of co-producer, ensuring the film's production proceeds seamlessly. Chamara Lakruwan Ranasinghe serves as the line producer, while Hanif Yusoof co-produces, contributing to the film's success. The film's visual charm is brought to life through the lens of Suminda Arunalu, the cinematographer, who captures the humor and antics with finesse. Ajith Ramanayake, in the editing department, shapes the film's comedic timing and rhythm, enhancing its overall impact. Dhammika Hewaduwaththa's art direction adds a visual dimension to the comedy, creating a backdrop that complements the humor. The makeup department, led by Ruchira Dinesh Kahanda and Sameera Madhu Kindelpitiya, ensures that the characters' appearances match their comedic personas. Srilal Wickramage, as the production manager, plays a crucial role in overseeing the film's logistics. Chaminda Udawela serves as the assistant director, assisting Nalin Mapitiya in bringing the comedic vision to life. Aruna Priyantha Kaluarachchi manages the sound department, ensuring that the humor is heard loud and clear. Rusiru Pannilage adds a touch of visual effects to enhance the comedic elements, while Darshana Ruwan Dissanayake takes on the role of musical director, orchestrating the soundtrack that accompanies the laughter. "Thanapathilage Gedara" is a testament to the collaborative efforts of a talented cast and crew who combined their skills to create a film that brought joy and laughter to audiences. Nalin Mapitiya's comedic vision, coupled with the dedication of the entire team, ensures that this Sinhala comedy remains a cherished gem in the world of cinema. With its hilarious performances, witty screenplay, and skilled craftsmanship, "Thanapathilage Gedara" stands as a timeless testament to the power of comedy in storytelling.

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