Film name : Thani Thatuwen Piyabanna
Year :2003

Thani Thatuwen Piyabanna Brief:

"Thani Thatuwen Piyabanna" (Flying with One Wing) (Sinhala: සලෙලු වරම) is a groundbreaking 2002 Sri Lankan Sinhala drama and erotic film directed by the visionary Asoka Handagama and marks the maiden cinema production by Upul Shantha Sannasgala. This thought-provoking film takes center stage, featuring Anoma Janadari and Gayani Gisanthika in leading roles, supported by a talented ensemble cast, including Mahendra Perera and W. Jayasiri, all of whom bring their characters to life with compelling performances. The evocative music, composed by Rohana Weerasinghe, adds depth to the film's narrative, contributing to its impact. "Thani Thatuwen Piyabanna" boldly explores themes of love, identity, and societal norms in a poignant and daring manner. The story revolves around Manju, a lesbian woman who adopts the guise of a man to work as a car mechanic in a garage owned by the affluent industrialist Jothipala. Manju's life takes a dramatic turn when she is involved in a car accident and admitted to the hospital, where her true identity is uncovered by Nurse Monika and Dr. Abdul. What unfolds is a complex web of deception, obsession, and secrets that exposes the intricacies of Manju's dual life. The film delves into Manju's unique and challenging predicament, as she grapples with societal expectations and the need to conceal her true self. As the story unfolds, it becomes clear that Manju's closest confidant is Priyath, a bisexual colleague who shares a deep emotional connection with her. Priyath's character is a testament to the complexities of human sexuality and the blurred lines of desire. Throughout the film, "Thani Thatuwen Piyabanna" challenges conventional norms and delves into the uncharted territory of identity and sexuality. It dares to explore the emotional and psychological struggles of its characters, portraying their desires and vulnerabilities with raw honesty. The film's international recognition, including the prestigious Award for Best Asian Film at the 15th Tokyo International Film Festival, highlights its impact on the global cinematic stage. It has been screened at esteemed film festivals in France, London, Korea, Australia, Germany, the Netherlands, and Singapore, cementing its status as a trailblazing work of cinema. "Thani Thatuwen Piyabanna" sparks conversations about the complexities of human relationships, identity, and societal acceptance. It challenges stereotypes and invites viewers to question preconceived notions. This daring and thought-provoking film is a testament to the power of cinema to push boundaries, challenge norms, and provoke meaningful discussions on important social issues.

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Actors on Thani Thatuwen Piyabanna film

W. Jayasiri


Wilson Karunarathna


Gayana Sudarshani


Gayani Sudarshini Liyanarachchi