Film name : Thawath Ek Adara Kathawak
Year :2023

Thawath Ek Adara Kathawak Brief:

"Thawath Ek Adara Kathawak," a highly anticipated Sinhala film, has yet to make its debut, but the anticipation surrounding this vibrant cinematic creation is palpable. This visually stunning movie will be presented in digital format, promising audiences a feast for the eyes. The film stars Chillie Thilanka as the main actor and Chulakshi Ranathunga as the main actress, bringing their talent and charisma to the forefront. Directed and produced by the talented filmmaker Sripali Hettiarachchi, "Thawath Ek Adara Kathawak" holds immense promise in the world of Sinhala cinema and is eagerly awaited by film enthusiasts. The auspicious Muhurath ceremony for the film took place at the Tharangani Theatre, National Film Corporation, on Tuesday, January 31, and was attended by the cast and crew, as well as National Film Corporation Chairman Deepal Chardrarathne. This upcoming film marks Sripali Hettiarachchi's seventh production, adding to his impressive repertoire of work, which includes notable titles like "Sujatha Putra" and "Abhisheka." "Thawath Adara Kathawak" boasts a stellar cast, with Chillie Thilanka and Chulakshi Ranathunga in the leading roles, supported by talented actors such as Dilhani Ekanayake, Roshan Pilapitiya, and many others. The film's production is led by Sunil T. Fernando, while the musical score is composed by Jananath Warakagoda, featuring vocals by Nanda Malini and Uresha Ravihari. During the Muhurath ceremony, filmmaker Sripali Hettiarachchi expressed his gratitude to the cast and crew for their unwavering support. He acknowledged the challenges the cinema industry faced, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, which significantly reduced cinema attendance. However, he emphasized the positive shift in recent times, with more people returning to theaters to enjoy movies. Hettiarachchi also highlighted his return as a filmmaker after a three-year hiatus, further underscoring his commitment to the industry. National Film Corporation Chairman Deepal Chardrarathne extended his congratulations to the team for their latest productions. He acknowledged the concerns raised by Minister of Mass Media Bandula Gunawardana during a speech at the NFC's 51st-anniversary celebration, particularly regarding the development of the cinema industry, primarily in terms of distribution. Chandrarathne explained that while cinema-goers were still drawn to theaters, the issue lay within the distribution system. Both the NFC and private distributors play roles in selecting which films get screened, leading to intense competition for distribution rights. The NFC, facing financial constraints, has been given instructions regarding its functions and operations under the government's economic policy. Chandrarathne revealed that the industry itself has recommended the establishment of a regulatory committee, which will reshape the NFC's responsibilities and filmmakers' approaches to screenings and distribution. The discussion at the event also revolved around the current state of the cinema industry, with actress Chulakshi Ranathunga expressing the hope to participate in high-quality productions, which have become increasingly scarce. She expressed her belief that Sripali Hettiarachchi's film would be a remarkable addition to the industry. Actor Chillie Thilanka echoed her sentiments, expressing dedication and effort to ensure the film's success and extending gratitude to the producer for investing in such a production during challenging times. With such dedication and enthusiasm from the cast and crew, "Thawath Ek Adara Kathawak" promises to be a significant and eagerly awaited addition to the Sinhala cinema landscape.

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