Madhavee Anthony Personal Details:

Name : Madhavee Anthony
Hometown : Colombo
Mother : Kumari Sandalatha Munasinghe
Born in : August 6, 1988
Nationality : Sri Lankan
Father : Jackson Anthony

Madhavee Anthony's Biography:

Madhavee Wathsala Anthony, born on August 6, 1988, known by her stage name Madhavee Wathsala, is a prominent figure in Sri Lankan cinema. She began her artistic journey as a child artist on the well-received TV music show "Hapan Padura." Over the years, Madhavee has not only established herself as an accomplished actress but has also excelled in various other domains, including singing, dancing, modeling, and television hosting.

Personal Background

Born in Colombo, Sri Lanka, on August 6, 1988, Madhavee is the eldest child of a family deeply rooted in the arts. Her father, Jackson Anthony, is a versatile figure in Sri Lankan cinema, theater, and television, having made his mark as an actor, director, producer, singer, screenwriter, television host, novelist, columnist, lyricist, historian, and traveler. Her mother, Kumari Sandalatha Munasinghe, is also a renowned singer and actress in Sri Lankan entertainment.

Madhavee embarked on her education at Holy Cross College from 1994 to 2003. She later attended Holy Family Convent, Bambalapitiya, where she completed her O-levels in 2003. She further pursued her education at Visakha Vidyalaya and successfully completed her A-levels. In 2013, Madhavee earned a Bachelor of Arts Special Degree in Archaeology from the University of Kelaniya. Currently, she is pursuing her Masters in Tourism Economics and Hotel Management at the University of Colombo.

Her family has been significantly involved in the entertainment industry. Her uncle, Senaka Titus Anthony, was a renowned actor and journalist who passed away in 2017. Her uncle Sudath Anthony is also a popular television actor.

Madhavee has two younger brothers, Akila Dhanuddara and Sajitha Anthony. Akila has made a name for himself as an actor in both cinema and television, appearing in notable films like "Siri Parakum" and "Address Na." Sajitha, the youngest brother, has also made his mark as an actor and singer, with roles in acclaimed films and television serials.

Marriage and Personal Life

Madhavee's marital journey has seen two significant phases. Her first marriage was to Dr. Aloka Liyanage, the son of veteran actor Hemasiri Liyanage, in 2010. However, this union ended in divorce in 2016. Subsequently, she married Milan Silva, a flight attendant associated with Sri Lankan Airlines. Madhavee and Milan first met at a festival hosted by Chandeepa Jayakody. Their wedding took place on January 18, 2019, alongside the presence of her two younger brothers.

Career Path

Madhavee's artistic journey commenced at a young age. At the tender age of six, she became an A-grade child vocalist at the Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation (SLBC), guided by her mother. She gained exposure through numerous children's programs on SLBC, such as "Lama Pitiya" and "Handa Mama."

In 1999, Madhavee ventured into child radio presenting on Savana FM (now Shree FM). She made her television debut in the serial "Esala Kaluwara," directed by her father, Jackson Anthony. At twelve years old, Madhavee lent her voice to the song "Pipilada Sunimal" for her mother's album.

Her early career also saw her involvement in popular programs like "Hapan Padura," where she became a child singer. The show was a significant milestone in Sinhala children's program history. Madhavee also served as a child presenter on the program "Swarna Kekulu" until 2004.

After completing her higher education, Madhavee made a comeback as an actress and television presenter in mainstream media. She gained recognition for her roles in films like "Address Na" and the serial "Daskon," both directed by her father. Her performance in "Daskon" earned critical acclaim and accolades at various television award ceremonies.

Madhavee's talents extend beyond acting; she has pursued a successful career as a singer. She contributed theme songs to television serials like "Daskon" and "See Raja," and her single "Oba Epa" garnered widespread popularity in 2018.

Furthermore, Madhavee has expanded her horizons by working as a visiting lecturer for Tourism and Hospitality at the Management Science University. She has also been involved in research and curation at institutions like the Sigiriya Museum and SAARC Cultural Centre.

Madhavee's artistic journey continues to evolve, with achievements in acting, singing, and various other creative endeavors. Her contributions to Sri Lankan entertainment have left a lasting impact, and she remains a celebrated figure in the industry.

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මාධවී එයාගේ තෝරාගැනීම් හරියට කරලා නෑ | Madhavee Wathsala Anthony & Kasun Heenatigala | Sirasa TV

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Age : 35

August 06


Born in Colombo

Lives in Colombo, Sri Lanka.

Reading, Photography, Learning, Traveling, Internet surfing and more.






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