Mihira Sirithilaka Personal Details:

Name : Mihira Sirithilaka
Hometown : Colombo
Born in : May 28, 1978
Nationality : Sri Lankan

Mihira Sirithilaka's Biography:

Mihira Sirithilaka, born on May 28, 1978, known as මිහිර සිරිතිලක [Sinhala], is a versatile actor in the Sri Lankan cinema, theater, and television industry. Although he is primarily recognized as a talented comedian on Sinhala television, he has gained fame through various roles in popular television serials like "Monarathenna," "Ataka Nataka," "Ingi Bingi," and "Sihina Genena Kumariye."

Early Life:
Mihira was born in the village of Eraminiyaya, Agunakolapalessa, Hambantota, on May 28, 1980, as the second child in a middle-class family. His father worked for the River Valley Development Board, and he had one elder and one younger brother. He studied at Wewa Central College up to the Ordinary Level and then attended Weeraketiya Rajapaksa College for Advanced Level Biology. During his school days, he actively participated in speech and essay competitions. However, his life took a difficult turn when his father passed away while he was pursuing Advanced Level studies, leaving his mother to raise the family single-handedly. Due to financial constraints, Mihira couldn't afford private classes to improve his marks for university entrance.

Career Beginnings:
Mihira's interest in acting emerged in the late 1998, when he took part in the Sudharshani Drama Course conducted by Mangala Senanayake. He married his longtime partner, Geethika Madurangi, in 2008.

Career Highlights:
Initially, he ventured into drawing arts to earn a living, and he collaborated with an artist named Lester Ruhunuhewa for wall and T-shirt paintings. Mihira got an opportunity to participate in a street play by prominent dramatist Gamini Haththotuwegama, which fueled his passion for acting. In 1998, he attended a five-day workshop on stage drama at the National Youth Services Council, which further honed his skills. He wrote and directed a stage play called "Sethkama" and formed a stage drama team.

His acting journey in Colombo began in 2000 with a minor role in D.G. Somapala's teledrama "Dedunu Palama." He gained attention and continued to act in stage plays and television serials, such as "Magul Kema," "Ketima Keti," "Sihala Wansala," and "Eka Iththaka Mal," which marked his first main role. His portrayal of 'Andiris Nilame' in Saman Kumara Liyanage's teledrama "Monaratenna" earned him a special merit award from the jury at Raigam Tele'es.

Mihira has not only excelled in acting but also co-hosted television shows like "Maarai Hirai" and "Rasa Piri Tharu Recipi." He hosted several programs, including "Wayannai Gayannai," "Rasoghaya," "4 Kendare," and "Sirasa Super Mom." He is currently hosting the musical program "Dialog Ridma Rathriya" on TNL TV.

Mihira's talent has been recognized and rewarded. His plays "Bota Hondanam Mata Moko" and "Ayanu Aayanu" received awards for Best Production, Best Director, and Best Screenplay. He won the Best Actor award in the Alternative category at the 2003 State Drama Festival and the Best Supporting Actor award for the stage play "Thaniyek Vishishtai."

Film Career:
In 2003, Mihira made his debut in the film industry with Udayakantha Warnasuriya's "Le Kiri Kandulu." He went on to appear in films like "Hiri Poda Wassa" and "Sinhawalokanaya," where he portrayed the character of Hawadiya.

Other Appearances:
Apart from acting, Mihira has appeared in music videos, including "Amma Amma" by Rukshan Mark and "Heena Kade" by Ajantha Peiris.

Directing Endeavors:
Mihira's directing and writing skills were showcased in the drama "Ko Kukko," which premiered in 2014 at Tower Hall, Maradana.

Recent Works:
In 2019, Mihira gained popularity with his role as "Bhoothaya" in the serial "Sakala Guru." In 2020, he co-directed the comedy teleserial "Ingi Bingi" with Chinthaka Pieris. He also acted in the musical television serial "Sihina Genena Kumariye," where he played the role of "Rosa" and even sang the song 'Sathsarani'.

Ongoing Projects:
In 2021, Mihira joined the comedy program "Three Sisters" alongside Bandu Samarasinghe and Mahinda Pathirage, where they portray three young unmarried sisters.

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Age : 46

May 28


Born in Colombo

Lives in Colombo, Sri Lanka.

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