Film name : Maya
Year :2016

Maya Brief:

"Maya" (Sinhala: මායා 3D, lit. 'Illusion 3D') is a captivating 2016 Sri Lankan Sinhala 3D horror comedy film that delves into the supernatural realm. Directed by the talented Donald Jayantha and co-produced by Raja Sadesh Kumar and Srimathi Sadesh Kumar, this film is a unique addition to Sinhalese cinema. It features an impressive ensemble cast that includes Ranjan Ramanayake and Pubudu Chathuranga in prominent roles, alongside Giriraj Kaushalya, Nilmini Kottegoda, and Upeksha Swarnamali. With its release, "Maya" became the 1257th Sri Lankan film in the annals of Sinhala cinema. The film draws inspiration from the Indian Tamil film "Kanchana," directed by Raghava Lawrence, and takes the audience on a thrilling journey into the world of the supernatural. The story unfolds with the introduction of Malan, a 25-year-old unemployed youth who spends his days playing cricket with friends. However, his life is far from ordinary, as he suffers from phasmophobia, an intense fear of ghosts. This fear leads him to seek refuge within the confines of his home after sunset, where he insists on having his widowed mother, Geetha, accompany him even to the bathroom and during meal times. This peculiar behavior becomes a source of annoyance for his family, including his brother Gamini, sister-in-law Nirmala, and their children. Malan's life takes an unexpected turn when he encounters a young woman named Shaini and attempts to win her over with his charm. Simultaneously, Shaini develops an attraction to Malan, setting the stage for a blossoming relationship. Amidst these personal developments, Malan and his friends are compelled to change their usual cricket venue to an abandoned ground rumored to be haunted. A sudden and eerie weather change sends them fleeing in fear. Malan unwittingly brings home his cricket stumps, stained with blood from a buried corpse discovered in the haunted ground. As Malan pursues his romantic interest in Shaini, their relationship progresses to the point where she invites him to a dinner. However, Malan's deep-rooted fear of ghosts prompts him to take his entire family to the dinner instead. During the meal, Malan's mother surprisingly approves of their relationship and arranges for a meeting with Shaini's family. In the days that follow, both Geetha and Nirmala witness a series of unexplainable paranormal phenomena within the household, including the presence of a ghost haunting the hallways. Alarmed by these events, they seek the guidance of an exorcist, who proposes three rituals to test for the presence of a spirit. The rituals include placing a coconut on a Rangoli and offering prayers, leading to the coconut rotating on its own. Another involves placing an egg on a pan to observe whether it changes color or explodes. Finally, they leave a lit lamp and two drops of blood in the house, resulting in the appearance of a ghostly woman who licks the blood. To rid their home of these malevolent spirits, Geetha and Nirmala enlist the help of two priests. However, these priests turn out to be con artists who narrowly escape with their lives. That night, the spirits possess Malan, leading to a dramatic transformation in his behavior. Malan begins acting effeminate, wearing women's clothing and jewelry, and alienating himself from Shaini. As the family confronts the possessed Malan, they uncover a shocking revelation: three different spirits have taken control of him. These spirits are Maya, a violent woman; Ramu, a Tamil Hindu man; and a learning-disabled boy. The possession drives Malan to commit gruesome acts, including murder. Desperate for a solution, the family seeks the assistance of a Buddhist monk, who successfully exorcises the spirits from Malan's body. Maya, one of the trapped spirits, shares her story with the sympathetic monk. Her past unfolds, revealing that she was once a young boy named Mayantha who was disowned by his father when he identified as a transgender woman. She found refuge with Ramu, who had a son with a disability. Maya worked tirelessly to support another transgender individual named Madhuri/Madhawi. Her dream was to become a doctor, but instead, she purchased a piece of land that Madhuri intended to use for constructing a hospital for the underprivileged. Tragically, this land was unlawfully seized by Minister Ashoka, leading to a confrontation that ended with Maya's death. In her dying moments, Maya vowed to exact revenge on the minister, his wife, and his henchman, Shantha. Their bodies were buried on the very land that Maya had purchased. In the present day, the family, along with the Buddhist monk, learns of Maya's tragic past and empathizes with her plight. Despite the danger involved, Malan selflessly allows Maya to possess him once again. With Maya's assistance, Malan confronts the corrupt minister and dispenses justice by eliminating the minister's henchmen. The climax unfolds at a Kali temple, which Maya is forbidden to enter. However, her determination and plea for justice enable her to breach the temple's sanctity. The combined efforts of Maya, Ramu, and the young boy culminate in the minister's demise. In the aftermath, Malan honors Maya's wishes by constructing the hospital that Madhuri had envisioned. A symbiotic existence is revealed, with Maya residing within Malan's body, ready to assist when the need arises. The exceptional cast includes Pubudu Chathuranga as Malan, Ranjan Ramanayake as Maya/Mayantha, Shehara Hewadewa as Shaini, Giriraj Kaushalya as Gamini, Nihal Fernando as Ramu,

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