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Name : Daya Thennakoon
Born in : November 29, 1941
Nationality : Sri Lankan

Daya Thennakoon's Biography:

Daya Bandara Tennakoon, born on November 29, 1941, and sadly passing away on April 17, 2020, was a distinguished actor in Sri Lankan cinema, stage drama, and television, leaving an indelible mark on the entertainment industry.[1][2]

Personal Life
Born in the quaint village of Galabadawatta in Rangala, Kandy, on November 29, 1941, Tennakoon commenced his educational journey at Galabadawatta Primary School before advancing to complete his secondary education at Dharmaraja College, Kandy.[3] His father, a tea estate keeper, played a pivotal role in his upbringing.[4] After completing his schooling, he earned admission to the University of Ceylon, Peradeniya, graduating with a degree in the arts.[5]

Tennakoon's personal life intertwined with his professional pursuits as he tied the knot with fellow actress Grace Ariyavwimal. Their paths crossed during the production of the stage play "Manaranjana Wedawarjana" in 1965, directed by Henry Jayasena, marking the beginning of their shared journey.[6]

On April 17, 2020, at the age of 78, Tennakoon breathed his last while undergoing treatment at Apeksha Cancer Hospital in Maharagama.[7][8] His final farewell was bid on Sunday, April 19, at 11:00 am at Thalahena Cemetery in Malabe.[9]

Tennakoon's artistic journey commenced while he was a student at the University of Peradeniya, when his friend Dharmasena Pathiraja introduced him to filmmaker Sugathapala Senarath Yapa. This connection led to his debut role as "Naatha" in the film "Hanthane Kathawa" in 1969. His introduction to the stage came through the play "Bosathaneni," produced by Bandula Jayawardena.[6][10]

Before stepping into the world of cinema, Tennakoon had a stint as a journalist at the newspaper Lassana.[11]

Following his time at the university, Tennakoon secured a position at the Ceylon Broadcasting Corporation (CBC). In 1969, he assumed the role of Operations Assistant at CBC,[12] a period during which he became a sought-after choice for stage dramas directed by Sugathapala de Silva. Notably, his performance alongside Malini Weeramuni in "Dunnu Dunugamuwe" was hailed as a remarkable spectacle.[11] His collaborations with Dharmasena Pathiraja were particularly noteworthy, and he also participated in plays like "Nettukkari" by Namel Weeramuni and "Hitha Honda Ammandi" by De Silva.[6][3][5]

Tennakoon ascended to the role of a producer for the radio education service and earned recognition, including the Japanese Award for Special Evaluation of the Year in 1979 for the program "Muhude Yuddhe." He made a notable appearance in the television serial "Thattu Gewal," garnering widespread popularity.[7] His outstanding performance in the film "Sakman Maluwa" earned him a merit award in 2003.[3][11][9] Subsequently, he joined forces with a television production company called "Cine Video," contributing to the creation of well-received commercials for entities such as the National Savings Bank and DSI. He also ventured into directing documentaries and teledramas for Swarnavahini during his early years in the industry.[14]

Tennakoon achieved a milestone in Sri Lankan television history by conceptualizing and filming a music video, a pioneering feat that marked the inception of television music videos in the country.[14]

Throughout his career, Tennakoon portrayed several supporting roles in popular films, including "Ahas Gawwa," "Eya Dan Loku Lamayek," "Seilama," "Bambaru Avith," "Karumakkarayo," "Kinihiriya Mal," "Sakman Maluwa," "Soldadu Unnehe," "Swaroopa," "Dedunu Akase," and "28."[9][5]

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AWARJANAWAK EP 07 with Daya Thennakoon

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Age : 82

November 29


Born in

Lives in Colombo, Sri Lanka.

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