Malani Fonseka Personal Details:

Name : Malani Fonseka
Hometown : Colombo
Mother : Seelwathie Fonseka
Born in : April 30, 1947
Nationality : Sri Lankan
Father : Gilbert Fonseka

Malani Fonseka's Biography:

Wanniarachchige Malini Senehelatha Fonseka, known popularly as Malini Fonseka (born April 30, 1947, in Kelaniya, Sri Lanka), is a versatile artist renowned for her contributions to Sri Lankan cinema, theater, and television. She is also an accomplished director. Often referred to as the "Queen of Sinhalese cinema," Fonseka gained widespread recognition when she clinched the 'Best Actress Award' at the 1969 National State Drama Festival. This marked the beginning of her illustrious journey, with subsequent accolades including Sarasaviya Best Actress Awards for her roles in "Hingana Kolla" (1980), "Aradhana" (1982), and "Yasa Isuru" (1983). In addition to her cinematic achievements, Fonseka has held a seat in the Sri Lanka Parliament.

Her remarkable cinematic career spans an impressive seven decades, commencing with her debut in Tissa Liyansooriya's "Punchi Baba" in 1968. She has earned the Slim Nielsen Peoples' Award for the Most Popular Actress an unprecedented twelve times in a row. CNN recognized her as one of Asia's 25 greatest film actors of all time in 2010.

Early Life:

Malini was born as the third child among eleven siblings to Gilbert Fonseka, who was employed at the Government Press, and Seelwathie Fonseka in Peliyagoda, Kelaniya. After her birth, the family relocated to Jambugasmulle, Nugegoda. She began her education at St. John's College, Nugegoda, in 1952 and continued until the 5th grade. Following another family move, this time to Wedamulle, Kelaniya, she attended Gurukula Maha Vidyalaya, completing her education. Her eldest brother, Dayananda Fonseka, passed away in 2012.

Family Background:

Malini's siblings also ventured into the film industry. Her sisters Sriyani, Rasadari, and Damayanthi, along with brothers Dayananda and Ananda, made their mark in the field. Her sister Damayanthi Fonseka debuted in cinema with "Madol Duwa." She is married to filmmaker Prasanna Vithanage. Notably, Malini is the aunt of well-known actresses Samanalee Fonseka and Senali Fonseka, and the sister-in-law of Karunarathna Hangawaththa. Her nephew Ashan is also an actor. Her granddaughter Kushenya Sayumi made her cinematic debut in "Rookada Panchi." Sister Sriyani is recognized for roles in films like "Lokuma Hinawa" and "Hondai Narakai." Rasadari Fonseka appeared in "Situ Kumariyo" and "Athin Athata." Ananda Fonseka, who acted and directed, saw his daughter Samanalee rise in the industry. Unfortunately, Ananda passed away in 2020. Malini's brother Upali Fonseka succumbed to COVID-19 in 2020, and her sister Senali Fonseka emerged as a prominent actress.

Political Life:

Malini Fonseka joined the Sri Lanka Parliament as a National List member of the United People's Freedom Alliance in April 2010.


Fonseka's career kicked off in stage dramas, with her debut in "Noratha Ratha" in 1963. Her performance in "Akal Wessa" earned her the national award for best stage drama actress in 1968. She took on lead roles in 14 stage dramas. Her entry into cinema was facilitated by her brother Ananda Fonseka and directors Tissa Liyansuriya and Joe Abeywickrama. She made her silver screen debut in Tissa Liyansuriya's "Punchi Baba" in 1968, paving the way for further successes like "Abudasse Kale," "Dahasak Sithuwili," and "Adarawanthayo." Collaborating with Gamini Fonseka, Malini's cinematic journey flourished. She acted in over 140 films, some of which had international recognition. Noteworthy films include "Nidhanaya," "Siripala Saha Ranmenika," and "Sasara Chetana," in which she both directed and produced. Her prowess extended to television, with standout performances in teledramas like "Manalada Puthe Kiri Dunne" and "Kemmura." She also made her mark as a teledrama director.


Malini Fonseka achieved numerous accolades, including the Special Jury Award for "Akasa Kusum" at the 2008 International Film Festival of India. She gained international recognition by winning a special Jury award at the Moscow International Film Festival in 1975, followed by an award at the New Delhi Film Festival in 1977. Alongside Sarasaviya Awards, she received Presidential Awards, OCIC Awards, and international honors. She won the Sumathi Best Teledrama Actress Awards for her roles in "Pitagamkarayo" and "Kemmura."

Fonseka's legacy was celebrated at a felicitation ceremony named "Maliniye" in 2003, and she was honored with the Janabhimani Honorary Award in 2019.

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Age : 77

April 30


Born in Colombo

Lives in Colombo, Sri Lanka.

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