Bandu Samarasingha Personal Details:

Name : Bandu Samarasingha
Born in : November 22, 1952
Nationality : Sri Lankan

Bandu Samarasingha's Biography:

Kala Bhushana Bandusena Samarasinghe, popularly known as Bandu, is a renowned figure in Sri Lankan cinema, theater, and television. Recognized for his comedic prowess in Sinhala cinema, Bandu has left an indelible mark with his hilarious performances in blockbuster film series like Re Daniel Dawal Migel, Cheriyo, Jolly Halo, and Somy Boys. Beyond acting, he has showcased his multifaceted talents as a director, scriptwriter, singer, lyricist, and producer. Notably, in April 2022, he was designated as the Consul General in Milan, Italy, succeeding Neela Wickramasinghe who had passed away while holding the post. However, Bandu declined the appointment due to dissatisfaction with the government's actions.

Early Life:
Bandu was born on November 22, 1952, into a family of five siblings. His father, Kegalle Podi Mahaththya (1917-1980), worked as a mechanic, while his mother, Lellagaha Goda Iskole Hamine (1925-2007), was a teacher. His early education included St. Savior Convent for preschool and St. Mary's College in Kegalle for secondary education. He is also a B-grade singer at the Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation.

Personal Life:
Bandu is married to Swarna Samarasinghe, and the couple has two daughters, Rasoga and Hiranga, as well as a son named Kumara Kanchana, who is also an accomplished actor and singer. Both Kanchana and Rasoga joined their father in acting in Bandu's fourth directorial work, "Peeter One." In 2018, Kanchana released his debut music video titled "Sura Dewliye."

Career Path:
Bandu embarked on his cinema career at a young age, making his debut in 1971 at around 17 years old with the film "Sadahatama Oba Mage." Throughout the 1980s, he collaborated with Freddie Silva in slapstick comedies. Over the years, he appeared in over 98 Sri Lankan films, with nearly 95% of them falling within the comedy genre. He formed a dynamic comic duo with Tennison Cooray, and their partnership produced memorable performances in films such as "Ra Daniyel Dawal Mige," "Cheriyo," "Kolompoor," "Somy Boys," "James Bond," and "Thank You Berty." Bandu portrayed iconic characters, including "Daniel" in "Ra Daniel Dawal Migel," "Marmite" in "Cheerio Doctor," and "Ikke Karolis" in the political comedy "Parliament Jokes." In 2019, he was honored with the Best Actor award in the comic role category at the Derana Film Awards.

Direction and Production:
Bandu's directorial journey began prior to his partner Tennison Cooray's foray into direction. His directorial debut, "Rodaya," was released in 1995 and garnered significant attention. Subsequently, he directed films like "Pemmal Mala" (1997), "Left Right Sir" (2004), and his maiden television serial "Dara Garaj" (2010), which achieved widespread popularity. Notably, he helmed the comedy hit "Peter One" in 2013, where he introduced his son Kanchana and daughter Rasoga to the silver screen.

Television and Hosting:
Bandu's television career was kickstarted under his own direction with "Dara Garaj." He also participated in teledramas such as Roy de Silva's "Tarzan Ape Man," Giriraj Kaushalya's "Nana Kamare," and Nishantha Weerasinghe's "Dankuda Banda." He held his first "Bandu Live In Concert" in 2005, followed by another performance in 2016. Moreover, he co-hosted Hiru Mega Star season 2 alongside Tennison Cooray and Yureni Noshika. Additionally, Bandu serves as the host of the talk show "Talks With Bandu," broadcast on Hiru TV.

Bandu Samarasingha Videos

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Age : 71

November 22


Born in

Lives in Colombo, Sri Lanka.

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