Film name : Gindari 3
Year :2022

Gindari 3 Brief:

Bahubuthayo 3" (Sinhala: ගින්දරී 2 - බහුබූතයෝ 3), a 2022 Sinhalese comedy mystery film, is a creative masterpiece written, directed, and produced by the talented Udayakantha Warnasuriya. Serving as a much-anticipated sequel to the 2015 hit film "Gindari," this cinematic venture is also the third installment of the beloved Bahubuthayo film series. The film reunites audiences with their favorite characters as Rodney Warnakula, Mahendra Perera, and Paboda Sandeepani reprise their lead roles, accompanied by the exceptional talents of Saman Hemaratne and Srinath Maddumage. Ananda Perera's musical compositions add a captivating layer to the film's narrative. The journey to create this cinematic gem began in January 2019 when filming commenced. Over the course of 45 days, the dedicated team embarked on a creative adventure, capturing scenes in and around the vibrant streets of Colombo, Sri Lanka. This meticulous attention to detail and dedication to storytelling allowed for the seamless creation of a world that would soon come to life on the big screen. The film's cast, led by the charismatic Paboda Sandeepani as Tikiri, Mahendra Perera as Lanti, and Rodney Warnakula as Bunty, brings a dynamic blend of humor and mystery to the narrative. Tishen Wanhof, in the role of Supiri, adds another layer of intrigue to the storyline. Richerd Manamudali's portrayal of Chaminda, along with the talents of Srinath Maddumage, Sarath Kothalawala, Chulakshi Ranathunga, Sarath Chandrasiri, Teena Shanel, Saman Hemaratne, Ananda Atukorale, Chanchala Warnasuriya, Nilmini Kottegoda, Chathura Perera, and Vasantha Vittachchi, contribute to the film's rich tapestry of characters. In a testament to its international appeal, "Gindari 2: Bahubuthayo 3" was showcased at various film festivals and special screenings. "The Scope Film Festival" held daily from the 4th to the 8th of September 2020 at the Liberty Cinema Hall, Colombo, provided a sneak peek into the film's humor and mystery, captivating audiences. On 20 December 2020, the film had its first international premiere, enchanting audiences at Mill Park and Narre Warren in Melbourne, Australia. Notably, all tickets for these premieres were sold out, showcasing the film's popularity and the anticipation it generated. The film's journey continued to reach new heights as it crossed borders, marking a significant milestone for Sri Lankan cinema. On the 13th of February 2021, "Gindari 2: Bahubuthayo 3" became the first Sri Lankan film to grace the screens of Tasmania, with a screening at 4.30 pm at the Cinema Village Hobbit. This achievement underscored the film's universal appeal and its ability to transcend geographical boundaries. In conclusion, "Gindari 2: Bahubuthayo 3" is a testament to the creativity, talent, and dedication of its writer, director, and producer, Udayakantha Warnasuriya. It brings to life a captivating blend of comedy and mystery, with a cast that delivers performances that are both memorable and endearing. The film's international screenings and accolades underscore its global appeal, cementing its place as a beloved addition to Sinhalese cinema and a delightful treat for audiences worldwide.

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