Drama name : Dewliye
Year :2015


The ensemble cast of this production is a testament to the wealth of talent in the Sri Lankan film industry. Niroshan Illeperuma, known for his versatile performances, takes the stage alongside Shantha Gallage, showcasing their acting prowess. Mahesh Rathsara Maddumaarachchi, with his remarkable presence, shares the screen with Amintha Weerasinghe, adding depth to the ensemble. Sudarshana Bandara brings their unique charm to the production, while Sahan Ranwala delivers a memorable performance that resonates with audiences. Sarath Chandrasiri's compelling portrayal adds to the ensemble's diversity, while Daya Thennakoon's talent shines brightly. Sriyantha Mendis, a stalwart in Sri Lankan cinema, graces the production with his unmatched acting skills, and Pubudu Chathuranga adds youthful energy to the ensemble. Mahendra Perera, a seasoned actor with a wealth of experience, rounds out this exceptional cast, promising a cinematic experience filled with depth and emotion. Together, these actors create a tapestry of performances that contribute to the richness of Sri Lankan cinema.

Actors on Dewliye drama