Janith Wickramage Personal Details:

Name : Janith Wickramage
Hometown : Baththaramulla
Mother : Manel Wanaguru
Born in : January 29, 1987
Nationality : Sri Lankan
Father : Ananda Wickramage

Janith Wickramage's Biography:

Janith Abishake Wickramage, widely recognized by the name Janith Wickramage, was born on January 29, 1987, and stands as a prominent Sri Lankan actor, producer, and television personality. He garnered considerable acclaim for his roles in notable productions such as "Hiripoda Wessa," "King Hunter," "Suwada Danuna Jeewithae," "Prawegaya," and "Rush." Janith's parentage is noteworthy, as he is the child of Manel Wanaguru, a veteran actress, and Ananda Wickramage, a veteran actor. He spent his formative years in Baththaramulla, Sri Lanka, alongside his brother Sanketh Wickramage. His educational journey led him to Royal College Colombo, where he excelled in both academics and extracurricular activities, particularly cricket and swimming.

Janith's artistic journey commenced with the film "Hiripoda Wessa" in 2005, marking the inception of his acting career. This was swiftly succeeded by his appearances in noteworthy works such as "King Hunter," "Suwada Denuna Jeewithae," "Pravegaya," and "Rush." In the realm of television, Janith showcased his talents in various capacities:

  • "Sirasa Dancing Stars" on Sirasa TV
  • "Derana City of Dance" on Derana TV
  • "Danna Pahak" on Hiru TV
  • "Sirasa Super Mom" on Sirasa TV
  • "Siyatha Star Wars" on Siyatha TV
  • "Roda Thune Manamali" on ITN TV
  • "Adara Sandawaniya"

Janith Wickramage's artistic flair extended beyond acting and television, as he also ventured into the realm of music videos. He starred in the music video "Ahasata Soduruda Sada Kotharam," showcasing his dynamic presence.

Janith Wickramage's multifaceted journey in the entertainment industry encompasses acting, producing, and engaging with audiences through television. His notable achievements and diverse contributions have solidified his position as a prominent figure in Sri Lankan media.

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අමතක නොවන උපන්දිනය @HarindraJayalal

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Birthday surprise | Janith Wickramage | 2022

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ජනප්‍රියම තරු හැමෝම එක්ක JANU29 | 2021 | 10th Consecutive

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අපි හිතපු ජනිත් නෙවෙයි මේ | ජනිත් අම්මව අඩවයි | Manel Wanaguru | Janith Wickramage | Janu එක්ක

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බඩ අඩුකරන පැණිය | නළු නිළියන් අතර ජනප්‍රියම ක්‍රමය #janithwickramage #dhanujamakawita #sixpack

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Frequently asked questions from the actor Janith Wickramage

Age : 37

January 29


Born in Baththaramulla

Lives in Colombo, Sri Lanka.

Reading, Photography, Learning, Traveling, Internet surfing and more.






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